Where I write

I am writing, believe me, but I’m not ready to tell you about that yet. Instead, I finally got my new writing area together so I thought I’d show that off. I LOVE it. I love it any time of the day but it is especially lovely during a spring afternoon (like today) when I’m home and have only delightful things on the to-do list. Please indulge me showing it off.

We have a conservatory at our house and it is freezing in winter and steaming in summer but a wonderful space nonetheless. I have recently moved my desk in here, instead of being stuck in a tiny spare room. It is working so far, even with the TV noise…


Please excuse the mess outside, a job for a future weekend…

I decided to put my desk looking out, rather than at a wall and away from the window a bit. Basically in the middle of the space! But it seems to work. I don’t feel hemmed in or tucked away.

The painting behind my desk is one of my brother’s pieces.


There is so much jasmine outside just almost ready to explode in a profusion of scent and delight.

I had the books piled on my desk and it is sooooo nice to have them organised and off the surface now. It is my reference library for what I’m working on right now plus books for uni. The couch will be perfect for reading when it warms up a bit. You might spy the heater and the beanie – both absolutely necessary at 5am!


My view from the desk. All important candle, pile of marking from school, desk calendar on which I record word counts and uni due dates and my total indulgence – the biggest computer screen I could find…


And finally, my loyal writing partner, Nikita. Well, loyal to the heater, anyway…


Yes, the heater is a bit broken…it has worked like that for ages but finally gave up the ghost this evening.

So there you are. Where I write. I love seeing where other people write, so I thought perhaps this is of interest.

Next weekend I hope to have some big news!

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