Looking forward

2019 is well and truly settled in now and I’ve taken some time to think about what I might want for this year. Many people in my parts of the internet decide on a word for their year and/or the 19 things they’ll do in 2019. I’ll admit I had a go at both of these. I read inspiring posts about carefully selected words and the reasons behind them. I also read posts about 19 things people want to do or experience or achieve this year with delightful mixes of pesky life-jobs and fun things.

I even looked at Gretchen Rubin’s 19 and her word (an old post) – I like Gretchen Rubin a lot – and I kinda loved the way her 19 was just an image of her list stuck up at home rather than a highly curated blog post. It made me realise I did not need to feel pressure about this.

I tried to make a list of 19 things. This is what it looks like now:


Some things I wrote down and then later decided, nope (diary, ABR). Others I wrote down and then promptly did (all the financial stuff, music). Then I couldn’t think of anything else. Currently my list is:

  • do something about the courtyard outside my office (possibly contact the woman that put a flyer in my letterbox months ago to get some ideas)
  • make a photobook of the historical family photos I have (may be a good way to keep a safe copy in a way that I look at them regularly?)
  • find and listen to podcasts on the drive to/from work (because apparently I’m supposed to be doing this – look at Laurie’s list to start)
  • buy nice lamps for the house (wait until you see a nice lamp then you are allowed to buy it – don’t go lamp shopping!)
  • do something with nana’s wedding ring (find a talented jewellery person to work this out)
  • get our wills organised (use free union access)
  • dog (do something to make her not want to rip the throats out of everyone that comes to the house!)

So that’s my seven things for 19. Ha!

Then I tried to think about my word of the year, or the word that would help gently guide my year, or the word that would inspire my year.

And this is where I realised my essential problem with both why I couldn’t finish my 19 list and why I couldn’t think of a word.

I realised my word of the year is the same as last year: NOVEL. As in, work on the novel.

I realised the rest of my 19 list looks like this:

  • write
  • write
  • write
  • write
  • write
  • write
  • write
  • write
  • write
  • write
  • write
  • write

If I wanted to switch one or two of these out, I could replace them with ‘uni’.

Essentially, I realised that I need to keep my focus. Writing needs time and focus and 2019 needs to be about putting this time and focus first.

To that end, I just got out my January bullet journal (which I am trying out this year) monthly planner list thingo and added ‘writing’ to every day between now and when school goes back. I had been looking at all these wonderfully empty days and *thinking* ‘oh, I’ll be able to write’, but I need to put it in there to commit to it: two solid weeks of writing before school goes back. Not, two weeks of writing when I have time around social engagements or manufactured ‘important errands to the shops’, but two weeks of writing.

So, I’ll be here, with my roses, writing.



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