For Creatives

Do you want to share your passion and unique knowledge with others?

Ever thought about running a workshop or giving a talk?

Does this sound kinda interesting but…what would I present? Who would come? Where? How much do I charge? Won’t people be bored?

Let me help.

I am an experienced high school teacher who has also worked in adult education, the tertiary system and as a guide at historic sites and museums. I have post-graduate qualifications in both secondary and adult education.

And, I’m on a mission to encourage creatives to share their unique ways of looking at the world.

If you are you a creative of any kind and you want to run workshops or talks but are unsure how, or even if you should, I can help with everything from coming up with ideas, to assisting with the practicalities, to advice on delivery. I can work with you on promotion, budgeting, sourcing materials and resources. I can even provide coffee/tea and light snacks (of the highest quality of course!).

An initial consultation starts at just $80* for an hour’s discussion. We will spend that time planning and plotting your next big thing. You decide how much more help you want after that.

Want to know more? Fill in the form below for more information or to have a chat!

I’d love to know how I can help.


*$80 for a phone call or skype call (video calls are best), prices increase to $100/hr for on site visits, perfect if you need advice on using your own space for workshops or talks.