Listed below are workshops and talks I can deliver for your library/club/arts group or other organisation. Please fill in the form at the end for more information.

Running Engaging Workshops

This workshop is designed for groups of 15 or more and provides initial advice, practice and brainstorming for developing workshops and talks. Perfect for art, writing, music, craft, photography and other groups. Can be tailored to any type of creatives or be general enough for any creative.

Workshop objectives: 

  • Learn how to give workshops and talks
  • Develop workshop and talk ideas
  • Practice speaking in front groups of people

Participants can expect to:

  • Learn how to run workshops and talks including planning and preparation, managing time, developing activities and opportunities for audience participation, dealing with difficult audience members and more.
  • Develop workshop and talk ideas including what you could do, where you can do this and how you actually organise it
  • Gain confidence through practicing speaking in front of a safe, welcoming group (you’ll be great!)

Participants will leave with:

  • A toolkit of teaching and presenting strategies and approaches
  • A plan for your next talk or workshop
  • The confidence to take the next step



Workshop length: 2.5hrs

Minimum number of participants: 15

Maximum number of participants: 30

Required space: tables and chairs, whiteboard, projector and screen

Cost per participant: $50 (not including venue hire but does include refreshments and all materials and resources)